The Diana Stool

The Diana Stool combines the ease of a stool and the comfort of a chair.  The design by Matthew Sellens explores the elemental forms found when sculpting by hand.   After sketches and a scale model, templates were used to cut wood shapes for the seat and legs.  And over the course of a few prototypes, Matthew refined the flowing lines of the stool.  


Given the compound curves and organic lines of the stool, it was clear to Matthew and his collaborator, Xander Bremer, that creating multiples by hand was not sensible .    After the final prototype was captured with a 3D scan, Xander guided the stool through the exacting process of machining on CNC and streamlined the steps for fabrication. 

If you're interesting in having stools made in oak, walnut or maple, please contact us.

Note: the stools are sitting on a walnut floor installed and finished by Perpetua Wood.